Our Story

In 2006, Lauri and Marta decided to make Christmas gifts for friends and family. They went down into Lauri's basement with ingredients from the kitchen and made their first products ever: candles, soaps, bath tea and tub tingles.

The presents were a hit... a big hit! With encouragement from loved ones, they began exploring what else could be created, how it could be made naturally, and what could make it a little more special.

A few months later, the sisters were renting space at a local farmer’s market to sell their tiny batches of candles, soaps, lotions and tub tingles. They found themselves growing a passion for creating better and better products to nourish the body and soul. Neither had thought of owning a company, but nevertheless, SACS & Co. was born.


Our Purpose

From the beginning, we have chosen natural elements that could nourish a body. Our guiding principle: "If it isn't good enough to put it IN the body, why would we chose it to put ON the body?" 

We became Certified Advanced Soap Makers in 2011 to understand the science behind the products we were making. (#nerds!)

We are proud to be selected as the only soap and candle maker for Indiana Artisan since 2008.

Our fundamental mission when we started SACS & Co. was to inspire joy and bring happiness to your home and bath. And that is still our primary mission today.


SACS & Co. is located in the Village at Winona at Winona Lake, Indiana.
Visit our beautiful shop to see our newest creations, test products, meet our family, and give Gizmo the shop dog some love!


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